Fall Landscape Check List


  • Lawns – fertilize; overseed bare or thin spots.  This is also a good time to aerate the lawn.  If you aerate, do this before overseeding.
  • September is a good time for planting new plants or dividing large perennials.  It is essential that these new plants have several weeks of water before turning off the irrigation system.
  • After Labor Day, spread a black plastic mesh over your water feature to reduce the amount of leaves and needles that may fall into it.


  • Rake up leaves and needles.
  • Cut the lawn shorter; this help to prevent snow mold.  You may need to accomplish this over a couple of weeks.  You do not want to remove more than 1/3 of the height in a single mow.
  • Cut back assertive perennials.
  • Mulch tender perennials with leaves or compost.


  • Ensure irrigation system has been winterized. A licensed landscape contractor is required in Oregon.
  • Remove fuel from small engines or replace the carburetor in the spring.
  • Put away garden furniture