Noxious Weeds

A noxious weed is a plant that spreads quickly and can cause problems to the environment.   These non-native, aggressive plants have numerous undesirable consequences:

  • Increase soil erosion
  • Reduce habitat for wildlife
  • Rob native plants of water, nutrients and light
  • Potentially toxic to humans and other animals
  • Increase fire potential
  • Decrease curb appeal/desirability of a community

It is the responsibility of property owner to maintain their property and the adjacent right-of-way.  Here are some suggestions about what you can do:

  • Become familiar with local noxious weeds
  • Avoid walking through infested areas.  Pets especially can spread the noxious weed seeds.
  • Keep your property free of noxious weeds. Do NOT put weeds in yard debris or compost bins.
  • Contribute to you weed removal in your community by participating in events such as “Let’s Pull Together”.

Noxious weeds in Deschutes County are rated as A, B, or C.  The A list weeds are the highest priority with ecological and/or economic importance. B list weeds are abundant locally and in neighboring regions. C list weeds have the potential to harm agricultural production and transportation systems.

Certain noxious weeds in Central Oregon have become so widespread and thoroughly established that they have been declared to be a menace to public welfare. Steps leading to eradication where possible and intensive control are necessary.