Spring Landscape Check List

Here are some recommendations for preparing your landscape for the active growing season.


  • If the ground is not frozen, begin weed removal.
  • Tune up small engines.  If you did not properly prepare your mower, hedger or edger for the winter, you may want to bring these into a small engine repair shop.  A general tune up may be done at home, but leave rebuilding the carburetor to the pros.


  • Cut back any remaining perennials or grasses. Shape summer flowering shrubs.
  • Schedule for a licensed landscape contractor to activate your irrigation system.  The system should be careful checked; repairs and adjustments made. 


  • Fertilize trees, shrubs, perennials and lawn
  • Now is a good time to dethatch the lawn if it needs it.  The lawn should be actively growing.  If the lawn feels spongy and there is a thick layer of dead grass below the fresh blades, you should dethatch.  This allows for improved intake of moisture and nutrients.
  • Memorial Day is our typical “safe time” to plant annual pots and borders.
  • Spring flowering shrubs can usually be pruned now.  “Prune After Bloom” applies to Forsythia, Lilac and Quince to name a few.